Celestial Navigation Tahiti Adventure 2023

We hope you join us for this incredible opportunity to learn about ocean navigation, sailing, community living, survival at sea, and ocean creatures and traditional culture of Polynesia.

Expedition Highlights

  • Live on a 65 foot traditional Polynesian Voyager Canoe
  • Exploring the ocean surrounding the 3 islands of Huahine, Ta'ha, and Bora Bora
  • Swimming with whales
  • Snorkeling in pristine ocean waters
  • Learn navigating with star compass and the Polynesian Way Finding.
  • All meals provided. All local and Polynesian style cuisine

9 Days, 8 Nights


Waka Canoe

A Waka is a traditional Polynesian sailing canoe. It was used by the ancient people of the Pacific to travel and conquer it. The Polynesian culture is the most extensive culture on Earth. Expanding from Fiji and Samoa to New Zealand, to Easter Island and reaching the north in Hawaii.

This is called the Polynesian triangle and our ancestors traveled it thousands of years ago. This is an art and a form of science. Traveling around Polynesia was done by following and leaning hundreds of stars that come and go in our skies and by learning about the many ocean currents.

In 2008, seven voyaging canoes were built in New Zealand to travel through out Polynesia spreading a message of ocean conservation. The canoes are modern replicas of Polynesian voyaging canoes. They became floating classrooms and gave the opportunity to hundreds of Polynesian men and women to learn the ancient art of way finding or celestial navigation.

This ancient tradition is an accurate science. The role of the canoes on todays world is invaluable.
The Ocean Defender Ohana is honored to be able to collaborate and work with different Polynesian voyaging societies to provide this unique experience to our participants.

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Participant Responsibilities

This is a hands-on, interactive, educational voyage. Participatns are required to help as part of the crew. This is part of Waka life where everybody participates and shares our journey's responsibilities.

Adventurers are required to participate in tasks such as:
-hoisting the sails
-driving the canoe
-be on the lookout for whales and other marine creatures
-night shift watchers

Polynesian Celestial Navigation

A great amount of knowledge in astrology is not necessary to participate. Polynesians have names for hundreds of the same stars we know today. They used it with accuracy in their inter island travels to trade goods and explore new lands throughout the Pacific Ocean. They even created a map of the celestial bodies in the sky and used it as part of their navigation compass while at sea.

There is an incredible amount of knowledge that was once lost and now being revived.
This is the Voyaging Canoe culture and we are proud to be the first ones to ever offer this learning experience with the public.


The sea creatures we may encounter

Full 9 Days in Tahiti


Ocean Education

Learn Navigating Skills

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Secure your place today. You can choose to pay by full or by payment installments. Email oceandefenderadventures@gmail.com

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