Tuamotu travel list


What to bring for this expedition 

The most important thing to bring in any adventure is a positive attitude. No matter where on earth you go everyone will always appreciate a person with Aloha. 

The wind the rain the waves the heat and the ocean are all a big part of this adventure, the weather is the boss. Once we accept that, we’ll find peace and happiness in any and all occasions because all of those are a part of the adventure and the learning experience. 

The people of French Polynesia are incredibly warm and friendly. Big smiles and hugs to greet you are the norm and two kisses on the cheeks, French style. Bon Jour!!!  Smile and they will smile back.   

The weather is hot and people dress light and simple so don’t worry about underdressing for any occasion.  However, since we’ll be on a boat, you shall bring some light foul weather gear. It will keep you warm and DRY during the trip. 

Lets start with the list

Light foul weather gear

A water proof jacket with a hood is a MUST. You can skip the pants but not the jacket.  This is hard to find in Tahiti and its very expensive there so pack that first!    I forgot mine on my last trip and my friends I suffered.  I couldn’t find a proper one so I was wet a lot, I was lucky not to get a clod or flu.  

Swim suits

I bring lots because I like to change at least twice a day.  



I prefer light materials because of the heat.

Sarongs or wraps are very popular and the woman wear them daily as dresses, covers or skirts, they are very versatile. I usually buy a few new ones every time I visit French Polynesia but I always bring a few from home so I can use until I find the next treasures. 

Long sleeve t shirts for night time on the boat

Comfy long pants for night time on the boat  

Theres towels on the boat but I like to bring mine.  I love my Bora Bora traveling towel. 

Snorkel gear




Wet suit if you get cold 

ECO friendly Sun block  and mosquito repellent 

Hats, wait till you see the traditional Polynesian hats!!! 

I bring a dress or two. We’ll be visiting some yatch clubs and marinas so maybe a cute dress for a nice sunset with cocktails ? 





Body lotion 


Toothbrush etc. 


French Polynesia uses a different electric socket. They use those round ones the same ones they use in Europe.  Get a few in case you lose one.  Put your name on it. There will be ten of us including the crew so things get mixed up a bit.  

We provide all meals and snacks while on board

There will be some wine on board

If you want to bring extra spirits is ok.  Alcohol is very expensive in French Polynesia keep that in mind 

Vitamin C packages are useful. I usually bring them to keep me extra healthy during the voyage.   

If you have a favorite snack bar that you can’t live without bring it. Chances are you’re not going to find it there.  Most snacks, cookies, juices and candies come from France and Europe, with a few local exceptions. All very yummy and high quality. 


Slippers and sandals work just fine.  If you want to do long walks or hikes bring your light hiking shoes. I hike barefoot.  No snakes or deadly spiders just some centipedes. 

You don’t need to bring too much cash. Theres ATM machines all over Papeete. Withdraw fees are just about the same as they are here in the USA.  Make sure you tell your bank you are leaving on a trip to French Polynesia so you can access your account while traveling, this is very important.   If you do forget you’ll have to call your bank and let them know.  Which brings us to internet and phone services.  

The boat has internet so don’t panic, we’ll have communication at all times.  

Remember to call your phone company to let them know you are traveling, ask if they have any plans for when you are away.  You can also buy separate internet packages  ( hot spot ) at the Papeete airport upon arrival using local companies.   That will give you much faster internet services in case you need that for work. 

Your favorite blanket and pillow? 

Only if you really want to. Sometimes I brig my blanky its fuzzy and warm and it gives me a cozy homey feeling.  If you need extra pillows we’ll request them.   I need extra pillows so let me know if you do too. . Sleep is very important. 

A rested body is a happy healthy body. 

Do you get seasick? 

Bring your medicine. The first leg of the trip is on open seas. We do not know how big or how small the ocean waves are going to be.  

Let’s start visualizing the most perfect weather.  Think about soft winds carrying us to Makatea. Safe.  Think about clear sunny days and fluffy clouds passing by high in the sky.  We will create our own perfect adventure and we can start now. 



Cover photo by Danee Hazama