Early humpback whale sightings on Kauai and Big Island, what does that mean?

First official humpback whale sighting this season was on the south west coast of Kauai reported the The Garden Island News paper. On October 9 two boat operators confirmed this sighting.

Why are they here so early?

Humpback whale sightings in October are not unusual. As a 30 year Maui resident and whale enthusiasts I can assure you that these early arrivals must likely have nothing to do with food scarcity per se but with the particular individual itself.  Some are early and some are late.

Its has been documented that humpback whales can visit several mating grounds in ONE season. For example, an individual can be seen in both Hawaii and Mexico mating ground in the same season.

A curious coincidence is the arrival of the Kolea ( golden plover ) with the humpback whales here in Hawaii. It has been this way since we can document it.   Their migration is related and it happens simultaneously every year.

A Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) standing in grass

The humpback whale diet consists of krill, and small fish from schools such as haddock, herring, capelin, sand lance, pollock and mackerel.

Yes, dear Ohana our ocean needs a little break from us consuming all its life and we’ve got to find a balance asap.  We are consuming everything in the whales diet, competing with them for food in one way or another. So be conscious of your food choices. Know where your food comes from. Eat less animal protein.

Your everyday choices can help heal or destroy our beloved planet earth.


Whale photo by GoVisitHawaii.com