Tips for Eco Travelers


  1. Travel light

Pack lightly. Its not a fashion experience its a traveling experience. You’ll have less laundry to wash abroad. Save room for important things like your water toys and gifts. Cameras, mask and fins and suits

Shoes take a lot of space so consider that.

  1. Always bring your own toiletries and towel.

You don’t know if you will find eco friendly and biodegradable items where you go so brig your own.

This help also because you don’t have to use the ones they give you in the hotels. Producing less trash when you travel is important.

  1. Bring your water flask with you.

Theres no excuse for buying plastic bottles.

  1. Never forget your mosquito repellant.

Many diseases are transmitted through skitters so this item is a must.


  1. Don’t use the bath tub. Take showers and be considerate with water use in the places you visit.
  1. Refuse single use plastic bags.

Many countries still use them, many towns in the USA still do so don’t change your ways and educate by example wherever you go.

  1. Be friendly and nice to the locals.

Treat everyone with respect and always smile. Be polite and make new friends. Especially if you plan to return some day.

  1. Save electricity

Treat the entire planet like its your home because it is. Help wherever you go.

  1. Bring gifts and your Aloha.

Be thoughtful and kind when you travel, specially when traveling to poor countries. Do a little research and find out whats needed in the area you traveling to. Simple items like tooth brushes are so needed and so easy to bring.

  1.  Don’t bring too much cash.

You can use your bank card pretty much anywhere on earth now a days. There usually is a daily limit so find out through your bank and let them know when you travel.

  1. Pick up trash

You must leave a place better than you found it. Take five minutes to help clean up not only your trash but what other trash you see that needs to be picked up.

  1. Health supplements

Sometimes we bring chlorela or spirulina to mix with our smoothies. Some vitamin c doesn’t hurt either. Try to keep your immune system up. Some people get sick from the change in temperatures and new bacteria.

  1. Be open to changes

In life there is nothing for certain BUT change. So don’t be so rigorous about schedules and itineraries because some times they don’t happen as we plan.  Weather is the number ONE factor for schedule changes so be optimistic before you go on a trip and seriously visualize and amazing experience with lovely weather… It just might happen.